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How to Re-Ink Heavy Duty Self Inking Stamps

This guide applies to heavy-duty (metal frame) self inking stamps and daters. Please follow these simple instructions when re-inking your stamp. Always use a water-based ink, such as Ideal brand ink, when refilling your self inking stamp. Using an incorrect ink formula can cause permanent damage to your stamp.

Note: Always place a few sheets of scrap paper beneath your stamp while removing and refilling the ink pad. The ink used in self inking stamps may stain surfaces, skin and clothing. Wash your hands with soap and water to remove ink from skin.

 Ideal Ink

Step 1
While pressing the red button on the handle of the stamp, press down until the stamp "locks".

Step 2
Locate the ink pad, which will be visible only from the back of the stamp. Remove the pad by pulling on the center of the lip.

Step 3
Add a few drops of ink to the pad and wait 1-2 minutes to allow the ink to absorb. If your dater uses a two-color ink pad, refill each portion of the pad with its own color. Blot any pooled ink from the surface of the pad using a sheet of paper or low-lint paper towel.

Step 4
Replace the ink pad and stamp down 3-5 times to revive image.