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Stamp Care 101

Caring for most stamps is simple, and important to extending the life of your stamp. Please store all stamps in a location without temperature extremes, and refill the ink when the impression begins to fade.

Re-Inking Your Stamp
We offer a full line of refill inks for each stamp type that we sell. Re-inking your stamps will keep your impression vivid,

Re-Inking Tips:

 Carefully choose the ink that you use when refilling yoru stamp, as an incorrect ink formula can cause permament damage to your stamp. Use only water-based inks when refilling self inking stamps, and oil-based inks when refilling pre-inked stamps.

 Always refill your stamps with the same ink color that you are already using.

 Refill your stamps when you notice that the impression has begun to fade. Allowing your stamp to dry out may prevent it from absorbing ink correctly in the future.

 Do not overfill your self-inking stamps. Begin with only a few drops, and allow the ink to absorb completely into the pad. If additional ink is needed, add it slowly. If any ink pools on the surface of the pad, remove it by blotting the surface with a paper towel before replacing the pad.

 Self Inking stamps use a self-contained ink pad that may wear out over time. If your ink pad is in poor condition, you may wish to purchase a
replacement ink pad.

 Self Inking stamp color may be changed by replacing the ink pad with one of another color. After removing the old ink pad, blot the rubber dies (wording) with a paper towel to remove any remaining ink before inserting the new ink pad.


Re-Inking Guides:

Light Duty
Self Inking Stamps


Heavy Duty
Self Inking Stamps



Cleaning Your Stamp

After extended use, paper fiber and dust may collect on the surface of your stamp, causing a fuzzy impression. To remove this material, expose the rubber die (wording) and use a sheet of paper to absorb the collected ink. Press a piece of Scotch tape firmly onto the die and lift to remove excess dust. Repeat this step as needed.

Pad Free stamps include a dust cover to help prevent the collection of dust from desktops and other surfaces. Please keep this cover in place when the stamp is not in use.